The C&C Corvette Association is a non-profit association for owners of the 31-foot Corvette cruising sailboat. Based out of Ontario, Canada, the association provides opportunities for Corvette owners to socialize and share experiences. The association also provides helpful resources like information on common upgrades for the boat, a contact list of known Corvette owners, and a biannual Rendezvous. The association has members from all over the world.

History of the Association

It was at a sailing party in 1984 organized by Bill and Karen Nichols (Cadenza) for all the Corvette owners that he could find in the local Toronto Yacht Clubs.

At the end of the evening, an Association was born and Gerry Rochon (Escapade IV) became Chairman. Bill Nichols (Cadenza) was Vice Chairman, and Jon Wilkins (Quoin) was Director of Refit. We advertised our existence through personal contact in Lake Ontario and Chesapeake Bay and in sailing magazines. The first Corvette “Rendezvous” was not huge but the participants were enthusiastic, and eventually, about 50 members signed up and exchanged experiences, boat modifications and contributed news.

Jon Wilkins (Quoin) took over the Association in 1987 and in 1992 found a successor in Freeman Burrows (Electra) for about 1 year, and unfortunately Freeman had to turn it back to Jon as he had contracted a terminal disease. Jon visited Chuck Jones (Credenza) at his home in Ottawa in 1994 just before he retired.

When Chuck moved to Trenton in 1997, he voluntarily picked up the ball, ran several Rendezvous in the Kingston area, personally created a website and literally rejuvenated the Association single handily. The Association owes Chuck a great deal for his commitment to this project.

After Chuck sold his boat, he stepped down. A new Exec was born at the Waupoos Rendezvous in 2004.

Elections are held every two years coinciding with the bi-annual rendezvous.

Board of Directors

The current executive of the association is:

  • Peter Frost – President / Membership & Treasurer
  • Leo Reise – Communications
  • Rob Mazza – Technical Advisor