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Hey everyone, we haven’t asked your for renewal fees for a long time, but, we need to feed the kitty this year. Please complete the appropriate sections of the page and mail it to me with your cheque for $25.00 in your native currency (US or Canadian dollars)! Thanks and have a great sailing season.

Thanks to everyone who attended our 2017 Rendezvous at the Kingston Yacht Club.  We look forward to seeing you at the next one!

Hello all!

The 2017 Rendezvous is fast approaching.  Thanks again to those who have RSVP’s that they will be attending.

If you wish to attend this year’s festivities, or even if you’re still just thinking about it, please let me know so we can get an idea of number of attendees & boats.

Thanks again to KYC and Peter Cohrs for spearheading the local arrangements!

Looking forward to a great event and seeing as many of you as possible in Kingston!




Peter Frost

Corvette Sailboat Association

We’ve set up a Facebook group that members are encouraged to join if they wish to connect with other members via social media.  The purpose of the Facebook group is not to replace the standard group discussion e-mail threads, but to provide a fun forum where you can post pictures of your latest sailing / cruising adventures, boat projects or whatever you feel like related to the Corvette and sailing in general.

Participation in the Facebook group does require that you have an existing Facebook account, and is totally optional.  Discussions about technical matters that would benefit the entire group should still be initiated via e-mail please.

To join the group, please click the link:

and send a request to join the group and I will add you to it.

Cheers and Happy Sailing!

Peter Frost

Attention all Corvette & Frigate Owners:

The 2017 Corvette & Frigate Rendezvous will be returning this year to the Kingston Yacht Club, August Civic long weekend – August 4-7.  KYC and Corvette Association member Peter Cohrs has graciously offered to spearhead the local arrangements for us there.  Thank you Peter very much for taking on this important task!

See the Bi-Annual Rendezvous section for details.

Contact myself, Peter Frost: if you have any questions or suggestions.

Thanks and hope to see as many of you as possible at this year’s rendezvous!


Cheers and Happy Sailing!

Peter Frost


50th Anniversary C&C Corvette Rendezvous
Royal Hamilton Yacht Club – August 1st and 2nd, 2015K

Twenty-two boats were represented at the Royal Hamilton Yacht Club to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Belleville Marine built Corvette on the August 1st Long weekend. There were twelve 31′ Corvettes and two 36′ Frigates in attendance, as well as crews representing a further eight boats who drove in to Hamilton to be part of this weekend event.

After arrival and registration on Friday evening and Saturday morning, 26 members of the Corvette association toured Dundurn Castle, the home of Sir Allan Napier MacNab on the heights overlooking Burlington Bay, as well as taking a quick tour of the Military Museum on site. Socializing continued into the evening with a barbecue on Saturday evening, during which RHYC Commodore Michael Cox presented the Corvette Association with a framed print of the Corvette Elektra sailing to 2nd place the 1968 Lipton Cup racing at SORC with Bruce Kirby at the helm, superimposed with a photo of the Royal Canadian Navy’s Corvette HMCS Sackville preserved in Halifax.

Sunday opened with a two hour Annual General meeting of the class during which the new executive was installed, then followed by the highlight of the weekend – the “Around the Bay” “sail” (not race!). This year a new wrinkle was introduced to benefit the less race oriented fleet members. A list of questions was distributed at the skippers meeting that the crews had to answer with regard to things visible around the Bay during the race. The results of this “scavenger hunt” would count equally with the race results to determine the trophy winners. The wind continued to build out of the south-west as the day progressed, resulting in a downwind start and a search for the drifting downwind mark off the Canadian Center for Inland Waters, then a long upwind slog to the finish with some specular knockdowns in the shifty breeze. The race was won by Peter and Wilma Cohrs from Kingston Yacht Club in their Frigate La Galouine, with Rick & Lise Cartmel of Royal St. Lawrence Yacht Club second in their Corvette Varuna, followed by Paul and Carol Boleantu of the host club in Strange Magic. However, these results would change substantially for the awarding of the Cuthbertson and Morch trophies once the scores of the scavenger hunt had been compiled. After the Around the Bay Sail (it wasn`t a race!), the fleet rafted off Carol Point under the Royal Botanical Gardens, within sight of Dundurn Castle, to inspect boats and relax with snacks and libations after a gruelling sail.

The banquet on Sunday night at RHYC was the culmination of the weekend with special guests George and Helen Cuthbertson, and John Burn. George Cuthbertson, of course, with George Cassian of Cuthbertson & Cassian was designer of the Corvette in 1965, while John Burn, who had just joined Cuthbertson & Cassian that same year to head up Sales and Marketing, as well as to contribute his considerable expertise in Fiberglas construction, was the person responsible for naming the class “Corvette”, based on the WWII Naval Vessel on which builder Ian Morch served. George Cuthbertson gave an excellent dissertation on the early history of the Corvette and the subsequent founding of C&C Yachts. Rob Mazza then followed with a slide show giving a more detailed Pre-History of C&C Yachts leading to the creation of Belleville Marine and the Corvette and Frigate.

The Master of Ceremonies for the evening was Corvette Class Association President Paul Helford, who with George Cuthbertson and incoming President Peter Frost, presented the Cuthbertson Trophy to Peter and Wilma Cohrs from Kingston Yacht Club for their 1st place finish in the Around the Bay sail, and their excellent results in the Scavenger Hunt. However, the Morch Trophy went to Ross McKee and Escapade V of RCYC, who more than made up for their race results with a strong finish in the Scavenger Hunt. Frazer McKee, Ross’ father, who raced with Ross, served with Ian Morch in the RCN during the 2nd World War, and remembered him well, so the win was very appropriate.

The long running Corvette Rendezvous takes place every 2nd year with the next Rendezvous scheduled for 2017, most likely at the Eastern end of Lake Ontario or the Thousand Islands to celebrate the 52nd year of this remarkable little boat.

Written by: Rob Mazza – August 31st, 2015


Rendezvous2015_photo1Rick & Lise Cartmel of RStLYC sailing Varuna upwind to their second place finish in the Around the Bay “Sail” in the blustery winds on Sunday. (Wilma Cohrs photo)


Rendezvous2015_photo2Rob & Za Mazza’s Trillium IV crosses tacks with La Galouine on Sunday. (Wilma Cohrs photo)

Rendezvous2015_photo3Portions of the Corvette fleet rafting at Carroll’s Pointafter the Around the Bay Race on Sunday. (Rob Mazza Photo)


Rendezvous2015_photo4Peter and Wilma Cohrs and crew accept the Cuthbertson Trophy from George Cuthbertson at Sunday’s dinner at RHYC. (Rob Mazza photo)

Rendezvous2015_photo5Ross and Frazer McKee accept the Morch Trophy from John Burn, with new Corvette President Peter Frost looking on.




The C&C Corvette Sailboat Association is pleased to announce the launch of our new website at  Our new site features a fresh new look, an event calendar, and a news blog that we will be regularly updating.  We invite you to explore the new website!

Photos from our 2006 Rendezvous:

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Photos from our 2002 Rendezvous:

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Some pages from the original 1965 sales brochure for the C&C Corvette:



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